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Wild West Bounty

Wild West Bounty Slot Detail

Wild West Bounty 100,000 Slots

With films like Once Upon a Time in the West, Unforgiven, The Searchers, and Dances with Wolves, there’s no shortage of great western films. How many of us have dreamt of being a cowboy that’s quickest on the draw and able to rescue a town from bad guys?

Is Wild West Bounty slot,000 firing on all cylinders, or should SkillOnNet’s western-themed game be chased out of town?

Wild About the Setting

There’s a super quick introduction image of a cowboy looking menacing and then you’re onto the game. Unlike some slot games, the reels aren’t transparent so the foreground and background really are separate. As the colours and desigs have bee well thought out, it works. The name of the game, put at the top, uses red, green and yellow, slanted writing and bullet holes. It does grab your attention. On the left is a gun holster, with a gun and an arsenal of bullets. Not forgetting the star. You’re the Sheriff in this town.

On the right hand side there are 5 open tins in a line, just waiting to be shot at. On both sides, there are cacti and red hills in the background with a nice blue sky too. The reels have a colour of pale brown and are separated by a thin block of wood. The colours of each symbol aren’t too dark or big to feel distracting. The 30 winning lines are shown either side, with the diagram form of each available on the Paytable.

And there’s no mistaking the western music. You’ll feel like you’re downing a drink in one of the saloons in the town. It’s a super quick piano riff with a bit of strings thrown in. All that’s missing is a card game in the corner. During the game the speed gets quicker with more of a banjo beat, and the interrupted sounds of bonuses don’t jar at all.

Are You the Best in the West?

It’s easy to play this 5-reel, 30-line game. You can play for 10, 25, 50 or 100 credits and at any number between 1 and 30 lines. And if you’re feeling confident you can head straight to the Bet Max button. You can use the Auto Roll, but there’s no setting on it.

What’s really neat is how the icons come to life when on a winning hand. The best ones are most probably the villain coming out of the wagon and when the big piles of cash start jumping around. The added bonus that the letters in the game and 100,000 jump out at special times is a nice touch. The Total Bet, Coin Value, Lines and Winner Paid are all easy to see at the bottom of the screen.

Not surprisingly, the top ranked icon is the 100,000 gold bars worth exactly what you would think, if you get 5. There is a bit of a drop if you get 5 of any other. The Wanted poster is worth a maximum of 3,000 credits, the cash gives 2,000 credits and the wagon 1,000 credits. The last of the 8 are the horseshoes worth 100 credits. The Scatter symbol is a sheriff badge and replaces anything.

Bonus in the Bounty

One of the best features of the game is that there are numerous bonuses and that they’re fun. One of these is that getting at least 2 of the Wanted posters gets you the chance to shoot a villain. You have 3 levels of difficulty, Cowboy (easy), Lawmaker (moderate) or Wyatt Earp (risky). Will you be quick enough on the draw?

Another bonus round keeps up the shooting vibe. When you get to 500 points, you get to shoot at 3 different cans, with a different amount in each one. When you get to 1,000 points, it gets a little harder. You have to shoot coins as they are thrown through the air. You get 3 chances. When this finishes, you go back to 0 Bonus points and have to reach 5,000 points again. You get these bonus points when you get the gun symbol.

And not forgetting the free spins on offer. The Scatter symbol (dynamite) gives you up to 10 free spins. Bullet holes are made on screen and you choose one of them to determine the number of spins you get.

Rootin’ Tootin’ Fun

This really is a superb game. It’s clear how much thought has been put into the layout, sound, icon design, bonuses and overall gameplay. Whether you’re more of a Pistol Pete or Deputy Dink, there’s tonnes to enjoy here and a standard set for other games to match.