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Turn Your Fortune, from the renowned game developer NetEnt, gives desktop and mobile players a unique take on the online slots experience. Let’s dive into how this game offers the player a different take on traditional online slot games.
Game overview

In Turn Your Fortune, players get to enjoy a unique take on modern slot game design, as well a wealthy in-game atmosphere supported by rich visuals and exotic sounds. Incredible bonuses and free spins are also on offer and could help the player win big.

How to play

The Turn Your Fortune slot game uses the less common five by four reel format. It features 40 betting or paylines from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. It offers the player free spins, Fortune Re-Spins with Fortune Wins, and Wild substitutions. Players can also customize their bet levels between levels one and 10, and adjust the coin values of each of their bets.

A golden device is displayed on the left-hand side with all the levels you can achieve, as well as showing your current level and multiplier. Players can find a detailed breakdown of the Fortune Wins paytable in-game, but at level 5 Fortune Wins, the player can land a 2000x multiplier. In order to reach level 5, the player must fill the meter using collectible symbols, or find Keys on the reel during the bonus games. This is one of the key aspects of the game that helps Fortune Wins stand out from other similar games.

Fortune Re-Spins is one of the two bonus games in Turn Your Fortune. In order to trigger this mini-game, the player must land two scatter symbols in a bet line. Once the mini-game has started, players will be able to gather collectible symbols and Keys. The game ends if the player has no Key or collectible symbols on the reels, or if the player has succeeded in acquiring 20 collectible symbols.

The second bonus game is the Free Spins game. The player must land 3 Scatter symbols when spinning the reel to activate this mini-game. When this game first activates, the Free Spins wheel appears. The wheel itself has three levels of awards: Keys, symbols, and free spins. The player can click stop at any time to stop the wheel. Depending on where the wheel stops, the player will receive a different combination of Keys, symbols, and free spins. The player can receive between seven and 13 free spins.


Turn Your Fortune makes use of a rich visual tone, leaning towards realism without losing its charming and opulent theme.

This is not a game that is easy to place in any particular genre, which comes across in other aspects of the visual style as well. Gold dominates the color palette, featuring in the appearance of every single part of the visual design. This key color is complemented by dark reds, greens, blues, and oranges to create the impression that the player is part of a rich royal family, possibly from some part of Asia or the Middle East.

The interface has two main areas of focus. On the left is a golden cylinder with five different levels, indicating your current Fortune Wins.

In terms of sound design, the main game elicits the feeling of journeying through a rich desert city where the streets are paved with gold. It has an elegant musical score that makes use of harps and other string instruments.

When the action picks up during the free spins rounds or other exciting moments in the game, the music matches pace. Other orchestral instruments join in to give the score a more dramatic appeal, highlighting how riches may lie just around the corner for the player.

The effects embrace the magical and mystical, with melodic percussion instruments playing when the player gets lucky.


The reel containing the traditional low win symbols Ace, King, Queen, and Jack, albeit with a Turn of Fortune spin, is in the center. In this game, each letter is a bright golden color, with a bright contrasting color behind it making it clearly visible on the reel.

In addition to these icons are the medium win symbols, represented by fantastic takes on animal life. This includes a red lion, orange owl, yellow turtle, green carp, and a blue seashell, all of which feature the color gold prominently in their designs. When the player is rewarded with the Wild symbol, they are presented with what appears to be a woman, adorned with pink and purple butterfly wings.

The effects do not break away from this game’s unique style, with golden flashy animations indicating when the player has added to their Fortune Wins or struck a lucky combination.

Bonuses & jackpots

Turn Your Fortune does not feature a progressive jackpot system, but players still stand a chance of winning big. You can multiply your total coin winnings by up to 2000x. The game has an RTP of 96.

The game also has a guaranteed wins system when the player lands Re-Spins and Free Spins. This is done by giving the player a five times multiplier on their bet during Re-Spins, and a 10 times multiplier on their bet during Free Spins.

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