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Wong Choy

Wong Choy Slot Detail

The Chinese based most of their traditions on Feng Shui! Learn the magic of the luckiest name in China and win massive payouts in casino Wong Choy slot machine SA.
Learn the secrets of China such as free spins as well multipliers. Learn and master it for a chance to take a jackpot worth 10,000x your stake in Wong Choy SA slot.

Wong Choy SA Details


Spade Gaming

Game Type

Video Slots






Minimum Bet


Maximum Bet



Up to 10,000x your stake

Wong Choy SA: Feng Shui Relics from the Middle Kingdom

China is teeming with a lucky aura along with a jackpot worth 10,000x your stake in casino Wong Choy slot review SA. It has 15 prosperous paylines spread across 5 picturesque reels. You can start receiving the power of prosperity from top provider Spade Gaming by wagering at least €0.


Standard Symbols

The standard symbols of Wong Choy SA bitcoin slot are the high-cards 9, 10, Jack (J), Queen (Q), King (K) and Ace (A). These card symbols are fashioned after Chinese characters to stay loyal to ancient traditions.

Forming standard combinations will score you the payouts below if you wager the maximum amount:

  • Symbols

Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

9 / 10

5x your stake

25x your stake

100x your stake

J / Q

8x your stake

35x your stake

250x your stake

K / A

10x your stake

100x your stake

350x your stake

High-paying Symbols

The high-paying symbols of casino Wong Choy bonus SA are powerful lucky charms from the Middle Kingdom. These relics are the red fan, jade jug, lucky coins and timepiece.

Landing high-paying sets with the maximum wager will score you the following payouts:

  • Symbols

Set of 2

Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Red Fan

2x your stake

30x your stake

300x your stake

800x your stake

Jade Jug

3x your stake

50x your stake

500x your stake

1,000x your stake

Lucky Coins

5x your stake

75x your stake

750x your stake

1,500x your stake


10x your stake

100x your stake

1,000x your stake

10,000x your stake

Wild Symbol

Dragons are regarded as one of the luckiest creatures in China. The wild symbol of Wong Choy SA bitcoin slot is the golden dragon. The wild can substitute standard and high-paying symbols to form winning combinations.

Scatter Symbol

Chinese culture always emphasizes the importance of balance in one’s life. This is best represented by their propensity to adorn things with Yin Yang sign. This sign is the scatter symbol of the casino slot Wong Choy SA.

  • Symbols

Set of 2

Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Yin Yang (Scatter symbol)

1x your bet

5x your bet

10x your bet

50x your bet

Aside from payouts, landing at least 3 scatter symbols will reward you with 5 up to 20 free spins in Wong Choy SA bitcoin slot. During free spin rounds, you will also have a 2x up to 6x multiplier.

Wong Choy SA: A Vision in Bamboo

The best way to master Feng Shui is by learning it first-hand from the source. Wong Choy SA bitcoin slot takes you to Feng Shui’s birthplace—China! Climb a breezy mountain filled with clems of bamboo that complement the blue sky above. This calming background houses the secrets to a lucky life. You will see the red fan, jade jug, lucky coins and a timepiece that will bring you prosperity as high-paying symbols.

Wong Choy SA: A Gift of Prosperity

You will definitely receive a gift of prosperity with casino slot Wong Choy SA! The lucky combination of free spins and multipliers proved more powerful than any charm with its ability to reward you massive payouts.

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