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Worms Reloaded

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When you play Worms Reloaded slot games, you’ll be lining up weapons instead of fruit, and playing bonus games putting your worms in bizarre situations you’ll never be expecting: piloting one through space strapped to a jetpack, dropping a giant concrete donkey across the reels or even playing Russian Roulette with a selection of deadly landmines. At any moment when you’re playing Worms Reloaded slot review a grenade could explode, taking you away from the main table to one of these rich bonus features: the game is determined that you should never be bored as you spin the reels.

You have five reels, stocked with shotguns, holy hand grenades and homing missiles, as well as the more common 10, J, Q, K, A symbols you can line up for big wins. The reels are also studded with Wild Bonus and Reloaded symbols to keep the action lively. This is a spin and stop table, so you’re the general in charge of your troops: you hit to stop the reels spinning when you see patterns start to line up, giving you more chances to win, to earn multipliers and to take part in the inventive, exciting bonus rounds.

Experts in Worm warfare from the Team17 hit videogame will be thoroughly at home on this table, and newcomers to the series will be in the joke within minutes: this game welcomes players with open arms and is committed to keeping you entertained when you play Worms Reloaded slots online.

The background features cartoon worms in a state of total war, equipped with everything from bazookas to medieval broadswords: Worms Reloaded slots certainly takes full advantage of its videogame roots to bring a fun packed, imaginative experience that will keep you spinning the reels even when the air raid sirens start to howl.

Play Worms Reloaded slots online to embark on a thrilling journey full of madness mayhem on desktop, mobile and tablet devices!